HBR-SDR1 protoype

Purwarupa Hambuilder SDR1
*. IC FST3253 digunakan sebagai pencampur utama Tayloe
*. VFO dengan pengali empat menggunakan IC Si5351
*. IC dual opamp NE5532 sebagai penguat baik RX maupun TX

Unit mixer ini sudah dapat bekerja dengan baik dan berhasil melakukan penerimaan (RX) dengan sensitivitas sekitar 20uV, dengan menambahkan 1 tingkat penguat (LNA) maka didapat sensitivitas sekitar 0.1uV. Pada sisi pemancar (TX) output unit mixer ini jauh lebih besar dibandingkan dengan mixer dual conversion umumnya. Penambahan unit RF PA pada sisi pancar dapat menghasilkan 25watt secara total.

Pada kesempatan terpisah akan kami bagikan video sessi test prototype unit ini menggunakan Personal Computer (PC) dan perangkat lunak HDSDR. Kami berencana menggunakan unit ini pada 2 jenis produk yaitu unit yang bekerja bersama PC maupun unit pemancar SDR mandiri (standalone SDR).

Hambuilder Team


Camo Theme for HBR602 enclosure

Preparing the Camo Theme for HBR602 enclosure.
HBR602 Enclosure dimensions:
*. Height = 50 mm
*. Width = 130 mm
*. Depth = 137 mm

Maybe next we add the battery pack/battery bank (5 x 3S Li-Po 2.200 ma ?).


Hambuilder Team

HBR602-10m/11m RX Test

By using the same board with HBR602-40 we build SSB CB by re-arrange the Band Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter component value. I knew so many OM claimed the NE602/SA602 chips series where noisy. I thought that’s not 100% true, please find out the video test below. The chips were not as bad as they said. You may disagree, but for me, the noise of an RF signal means this radio is a “radio”. I always image the waves bring the noise came across the atmosphere or maybe all the electron inside the electronic circuit board worked very hard to produce enough gain (lol). My suggestion if you want a crystal clear sound then you need to build a hi-fi stereo set, not a radio. But yes next on our product roadmap Audio DSP by using FIR filter, digital AGC and etc to increase the “listening experience”.

I hope this product will reborn the CB era, at least in Indonesia.

Dian Kurniawan

SSB CB Reborn

Setelah sebelumnya meluncurkan HBR1HF, juga mempertimbangkan masukan dari rekan-rekan pengguna radio di Indonesia serta keinginan mengingat mengenang kembali era 80an Hambuilder berencana meluncurkan produk CB Transceiver. Saat ini “HBRCB” sedang dalam tahap protoype akhir. Pilihan desain jatuh pada penggunakan SA/NE602 sebagai mixer dan demodulator, lalu ladder xtal fillter sebagai SSB konverter nya. Ya product ini hanya mensupport SSB mode pada CB. Selain karena alasan harga juga kesederhanaan serta metode xtall filter menjadi alasan utama.

Hasil uji prototype HBRCB di lab Hambuilder menunjukkan hasil yang menggembirakan. Sensitivitas yang sebanding dengan BitX dan noise level yang cukup rendah cukup menjanjikan.

Spesifikasi :
*. mixer SA602/NE602
*. modulator SA602/NE602
*. Frequency synthesizer Si5351 (VFO/BFO)
*. ATMega16 Controller
*. IF 11.059200 MHz
*. SSB Modulation
*. 7segment Display
*. LED S-meter
*. Power 25Watt at 13.8V
*. RJ-45 Microphone connector
*. Dimesions 126mm (w) , 40mm (h), 132mm (d)
*. Aluminum enclosure


Hambuilder Team

RTC07S (super low cost) Si5351 Transceiver Controller

This low cost version transceiver controller designed for minimalist or simple mono-bander transceiver. We just have to connect the jumper pin to do calibration setting, if setting and BFO setting (if we used the BFO out) then, connect one or two frequency out to the exciter

*. 8 Digit 7 segment
*. ATMega16 controller
*. Si5351 synthesizer (LO & BFO)
*. VFO frequency out (0.1 – 99 Mhz) seven segment digit limitation, not the chips
*. Adjustable IF/BFO frequency setting
*. USB-LSB-AM mode control pin out.
*. 2 push button (mode and setting)
*. 1 ADC input 0-2.56V for s-meter
*. 1 DI/O for RX/TX
*. 3 DI/O for mode (USB/LSB/AM) out control
*. 7 LED Smeter indicator

*. you can buy this item on our web
*. https://hambuilder.com U$17
*. https://tokopedia/jalapindai Rp. 185.000 (promo 25 Juni sd 5 Agustus 2018)
*. https://www.bukalapak.com/u/dian_jalapindai Rp. 185.000 (promo 25 Juni sd 5 Agustus 2018)





Hambuilder Team

HBR10HF new board design with ADE-1 as RF mixer

Specification :
*. BRITX Based
*. Front End RF gain using 2SC2570
*. Front End RF attenuator
*. TX RF attenuator
*. ADE-1 main mixer (detachable)
*. Detachable ladder filter
*. CW generator/Key PTT delay on board
*. AGC on board
*. Band Pass Filter on board

By replacing main mixer with ADE-1 we can get very good carrier suppression, increase sensitivity, and we can get more TX power on almost band. We also added crystal ladder filter adapter, so it can be upgrade next.  You can replace the crystal with your mechanical filter (please take note the impedance matcing), or you can make variable BW filter by using varicap diode.

We decided to use separate RF amplifier board with LPF on it. We hope we can increase the power out, but still using the low cost MOSFET.

Dian Kurniawan

HBR10HF intermittent blank or gray/white LCD on start problem solving

Hambuilder HBR10HF using RTC03 as controller with 3.2 (320×480) TFT LCD. This item worked very nice, good color,  viewing angle, speed (using 16 bit parallel data). But the main problem is the availability is a night mare. I using this TFT since early 2016 when I started to build the RTC03.  Until now, this TFT already have 3 difference controller in market, with 3 difference firmware and specification and the worst is, seller from China that I bought this TFT did not know and did not help what kind controller or even give me any datasheet. I must find out by my self how to make this LCD works.

its look same but they have difference

when you look at their back side its HX8357C, V2.0 and blank, its all false
The HX8357C using ILI9481, the V2.0 using HX8357D and the blank one using HX8357C.
They need difference firmware and have difference command, and what I want to tell here is they have difference habit and speed. The blank one do not need hardware reset, but the other one intermittent required. This habit make your RTC03 sometime show the white or gray or even blank display on start.

How to solved this problem? actually is very easy (this bug already solved on our production line), please check the image below. We just need to added R-C reset delay. please see the picture below

and implemended like this on your RTC03, I choose R 10K and C 100nF.

Then if you get your RTC03 with intermittent gray or white screen on start you can applied this solution.

Best Regards
Hambuilder team