HBR4HFL 4 Band HF Transceiver with 3.5/3.2 TFT LCD

Desain user interface baru untuk HBR4HFL (L=Limited). Unit ini akan diproduksi di awal 2019 dalam jumlah yang terbatas dan mungkin hanya dipasarkan untuk pasar lokal. HBR4HFL memiliki spesifikasi yang sama dengan HBR4HF pendahulunya namun dengan tampilan / user interface baru.

Link HBR4HFL di Tokopedia
Link HBR4HFL di Bukalapak

Hambuilder Team


HPA1 Hambuilder 40m 100 Watt RF Linear Amplifier Prototype

Linear amplifier for HBR1HF and HBR602
*. 2x IRFP150
*. 10-15 Watt input (match with HBR1HF and HBR602 power out)
*. 80-120 Watt ouput

I like QRP much, but sometimes on bad QRM we need more power to make sure there will be no complaint from some one with low gain audio sensor (lol). This is may be suitable also as a set line for HBR1HF or HBR602. ATU will be next set line.

Hambuilder Team

HBR602 Enclosure

Thank you to Hambuilder team for preparing this HBR602 enclosure.
All products enclosure are milling using our own low-cost mini CNC, please check this article link from 2013. This China’s made CNC do a great job for us. We do it all by our own machine, laser cutting, CNC, SMD pick and place, solder paste etc.

Please see the picture below for HBR602 enclosure. We hope this will help someone to build their enclosure for HBR602 module. I know it’s difficult to balance the price, the quality, and the idealism. We try to keep moving forward and do our best in a limited engineering environment in our country.







Dian Kurniawan

HBR602-40m contact test

I got this youtube video from one of our loyal customer “OM Glenn” from Manado. This video demonstrated his first QSO with another station using Hambuilder HBR602-40m 25 Watt transceiver module. This contact made around 940 km from Manado to Balikpapan (see attached picture from https://www.freemaptools.com/measure-distance.htm). He got signal report S5/9.

Well, in my opinion, using 25 watts for 940 km not bad at all. We hope we can make further improvement from positive support like this.



It ready to buy now please visit the link below :
https://hambuTilder.com/product/module-hbr602-40m/ for only U$73

Hambuilder Team

HBR602 Prototype

HBR602 Transceiver Module is another low cost mono-bander project from Hambuilder. This Transceiver is factory pre-programmable and adaptable into any HF ham bands. The module is capable of 25 watts output power. (For even bigger power please wait for our low cost 100 watts booster with built-in antenna tuner).

Some homebrewer said NE/SA602 a toy, yes they were right. NE602 is a great toy.

You can see the HBR602 prototype board below.
*. Synthesizer Si5351
*. Controller ATMega16
*. 8 digit seven segment display
*. SSB Mode
*. SA/NE602 as main mixer and demodulator
*. 2xIRF530 with 25Watt output
*. TDA7052 audio amplifier
*. mono band, you can set the filter and the VFO/BFO for any HF Band

It ready to buy now please visit link below :
https://hambuilder.com/product/module-hbr602-40m/ for only U$73

Hambuilder Team