Hambuilder transceiver family

According to our idealism, vision and mission the diagram below will show our transceiver product family. We must plan and considering many things. Our “micro team” must handle so many multi-task. Our main considerations are price, component availability, and continuity, production process cycle time, firmware, buyer feedback, and future road map. We work 15 hours per days (gannbate kudasai). It’s totally not easy to achieve, keep tried to do the best. Sometimes we made an error and mistake, bad purchase, bad communication and etc. Not perfect but try to improve in every way.

Hambuilder Transceiver classification by power:
*. 0-25 Watt
*. 25-50 Watt
*. 50-100 Watt

Hambuilder Transceiver classification by display:
*. 7Segment
*. 16×2 character LCD
*. 2.2 Inch TFT LCD
*. 3.2/3.5 TFT LCD
*. 5.0 TFT LCD
*. 7.0 TFT LCD

note: some transceiver are on development, some are ready on our web-store/e-commerce

YD1OSC & Hambuilder Team


HBR4HFS, another 4 Band Series with 100Watt max power ouput

HBR4HFS, is another 4-bander’s series from Hambuilder. It is a medium size desktop transceiver with big enough power. We try to keep it low cost, simple to operate and simple to maintain. This item actually an upgraded power of HBR4HFN with previously providing maximum 50W power out by using 2x IRF530 as the final transistor. We can still adjust the power out to QRP level (below 10W) if required.

specification :

  • 2.2 Inch TFT Display
  • ATMega128 microcontroller
  • ADE-1 main mixer
  • Up to 100W power out at 80m and 40m, 90W at 30m, 35W at 20m
  • RX gain setting
  • TX gain setting (power out adjusting 0-100W)
  • Mic gain setting
  • Auto sensing Fan
  • 2 x IRFP150 final transistor
  • Morse generator, with ATTiny13 microcontroller

This item will be available to buy soon in our web-store, Tokopedia, Bukalapak and ebay.

Hambuilder Team

HBR4HFX, 4 band HF transceiver with 35-100 Watt power out

HBR4HFX (extended) specification :

  • 3.2 Inch TFT LCD display
  • ATMega128 microcontroller
  • USB/LSB + CW modulation
  • Si5351 synthesizer
  • ADE-1-24 RF mixer
  • Single conversion with 11.059200 MHz intermediate frequency
  • TDA7052 Audio amplifier with LM741 pre amplifier and audio filter
  • Push pull IRFP150 MOSFET final, with power out up to 100 Watt
    • 80m – upto 100 Watt
    • 40m – upto  90 Watt
    • 30m – upto  50 Watt
    • 20m – upto  35 Watt
  • RX gain setting with bar display
  • TX gain setting with bar display
  • Enclosure dimension 75x250x250 mm
  • PSU 13.8V, 18A

HBR4HF Series, from top to bottom HBR4HFN(50W, HBR4HFL(50W), HBR4HFX(100W)

to be continue…

HBRMS1 Hambuilder Morse Sender

HBRMS1 di desain untuk melengkapi series morse trainer. Pengguna hanya perlu menyediakan keyboard PC biasa dengan koneksi PS-2 untuk dapat mengirimkan ketukan morse ke transceiver. Alat ini bisa juga di gunakan bila belum begitu yakin dengan akurasi ketukan tapi sudah ingin mencoba berkomunikas pada mode CW. Tujuan lebih jauh dari alat ini adalah untuk meningkatkan minat rekan-rekan mencoba mode CW dengan memudahkan atau mengeliminasi kendala-kendala operasi mode CW.


  • ATMega8 Microcontroller
  • 16×2 LCD character
  • Rotary Encoder
  • 3-40WPM
  • Internal speaker tone
  • PS-2 Connector
  • Keyer Jack





Link BukaLapak : HBRMS1
Link Tokopedia : HBRMS1

Hambuilder Team

HBR4HFL 4 Band HF Transceiver with 3.5/3.2 TFT LCD

Desain user interface baru untuk HBR4HFL (L=Limited). Unit ini akan diproduksi di awal 2019 dalam jumlah yang terbatas dan mungkin hanya dipasarkan untuk pasar lokal. HBR4HFL memiliki spesifikasi yang sama dengan HBR4HF pendahulunya namun dengan tampilan / user interface baru.

Link HBR4HFL di Tokopedia
Link HBR4HFL di Bukalapak

Hambuilder Team

HSDR1 PCB prototype

Mengacu pada posting sebelumnya:(https://diankurniawan.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/hsdr1-prototype-pc-based-sdr/), pcb prototype sudah tiba di workshop dan sudah dirakit oleh team Hambuilder. PCB terlihat rapi dan solid. Pada PCB ini sudah terdapat USB soundcard sehingga bisa dihubungkan langsung dengan laptop yang tidak memiliki stereo line input. PCB ini juga telah dilengkapi dengan usb to serial port untuk kendali CAT (computer aided transceiver) untuk sinkronisasi SDR dan PC/Laptop. Dengan output sekitar 1 Watt unit ini siap untuk mendrive tingkat penguat selanjutnya

Dian Kurniawan

SSB modulation and demodulation module for stand alone SDR or direct conversion trx

Specification :
*. STM32F103C8, 32bit, run on 72 MHz clock
*. 19.200 Hz ( 8 x 2400Hz ssb bw ) audio sampling for I and Q output from Tayloe rf mixer
*. 27 taps Low Pass Filter (FIR)
*. PT8211 LSBJ DAC for I/Q transmit audio
*. 8Bit R2R DAC for speaker out
*. Software AGC calculation

flow code demodulation process :
1. Get ADC value from the signal amplifier of I and Q mixer output, with 19.200 Hz sampling rate, trigger by the microprocessor timer interrupt
2. Filter the ADC value using LPF FIR calculation, store sample to FIR Buffer for the next process
3. Do sine and cosine calculation for I and Q input (90′ phase difference)
3. Perform AGC calculation for speaker output level
4. Send Final Value to DAC

flow code modulation process
1. Get ADC value from microphone with 19.200 Hz sampling rate, trigger by timer interrupt
2. Perform Compressor calculation for transmit modulation level
3. Filter the ADC value using LPF FIR calculation, store sample to FIR Buffer for the next process
3. Do sin and cos calculation for I and Q output (90′ phase difference)
4. Send Final Value to TX DAC (PT8211)

STM32F103C8 didn’t have any DSP multiplication feature, so we used sine and cosine constant value in the constant array, we need only 8 sin and 8 cosine value for doing this. This configuration will save around 900 clock cycles. All the process must be done in 0.000052083 seconds before the next interrupt timer trigger next repeats proses.

Dian Kurniawan