HBRAA3 progress, filter response plotter feature.

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One feature on HBRAA3 Antenna analyzer is a filter response plotter.
Its worked based on
*. Si5351 as freq synthesizer
*. AD8307 logarithmic amplifier

by generate some range of frequency , send it to input port of a filter, then let AD8307 amplify the output port, then read the value (25mV /dB) by using micro controller ADC, we can draw the response on LCD.  This feature very help for analyze crystal ladder filter, BPF and LPF of any transceiver.

an example 10MHz ladder filter plot response (non scale)

Dian Kurniawan


Low Cost Antenna Analyzer BR02AA

*. STM32 Cortex M3 microcontoller 12 bitADC
*. 2.2 TFT Color LCD
*. 1-170 MHz signal generator
*. LPF/BPF sweep spectrum
*. SI5351 clock generator
*. 1N5771 bridge detector
*. AD8307 RF power detector
*. NE602 RF mixer

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