HPA1 Hambuilder 40m 100 Watt RF Linear Amplifier Prototype

Linear amplifier for HBR1HF and HBR602
*. 2x IRFP150
*. 10-15 Watt input (match with HBR1HF and HBR602 power out)
*. 80-120 Watt ouput

I like QRP much, but sometimes on bad QRM we need more power to make sure there will be no complaint from some one with low gain audio sensor (lol). This is may be suitable also as a set line for HBR1HF or HBR602. ATU will be next set line.

Hambuilder Team


HBR602 Enclosure

Thank you to Hambuilder team for preparing this HBR602 enclosure.
All products enclosure are milling using our own low-cost mini CNC, please check this article link from 2013. This China’s made CNC do a great job for us. We do it all by our own machine, laser cutting, CNC, SMD pick and place, solder paste etc.

Please see the picture below for HBR602 enclosure. We hope this will help someone to build their enclosure for HBR602 module. I know it’s difficult to balance the price, the quality, and the idealism. We try to keep moving forward and do our best in a limited engineering environment in our country.







Dian Kurniawan

HBR602-40m contact test

I got this youtube video from one of our loyal customer “OM Glenn” from Manado. This video demonstrated his first QSO with another station using Hambuilder HBR602-40m 25 Watt transceiver module. This contact made around 940 km from Manado to Balikpapan (see attached picture from https://www.freemaptools.com/measure-distance.htm). He got signal report S5/9.

Well, in my opinion, using 25 watts for 940 km not bad at all. We hope we can make further improvement from positive support like this.



It ready to buy now please visit the link below :
https://hambuTilder.com/product/module-hbr602-40m/ for only U$73

Hambuilder Team

Low Cost SWR Analyzer prototype

Melanjutkan development yang begitu lama tertunda karena kesehatan, semoga bisa jadi “warming up” untuk versi yang lebih advance. Ilmu nya di gali kembali. Foto seadanya dulu sebab di buat jauh dari workshop. Inti dari SWR Analyzer ini adalah Output RF dari IC Si5351 yang di kendalikan oleh microcontroller ATMega16 di umpankan ke jembatan resistance dan beban yang kemudian output nya di baca oleh IC AD8307 di konversi menjadi besaran tegangan lalu di lanjutkan ke analog vu meter

untuk perhitungan lebih detail silahkan kunjungi link berikut g3ynh.info

Spesifikasi teknis
*. ATmega16
*. Si5351 (0.5-160 MHz)
*. Christie’s Bridge
*. AD8307
*. Vu Meter
*. 8 digit 7 Segment


Dian Kurniawan

HSDR1 protoype (Tayloe board)

Purwarupa Hambuilder SDR1
*. IC FST3253 digunakan sebagai pencampur utama Tayloe
*. VFO dengan pengali empat menggunakan IC Si5351
*. IC dual opamp NE5532 sebagai penguat baik RX maupun TX

Unit mixer ini sudah dapat bekerja dengan baik dan berhasil melakukan penerimaan (RX) dengan sensitivitas sekitar 20uV, dengan menambahkan 1 tingkat penguat (LNA) maka didapat sensitivitas sekitar 0.1uV. Pada sisi pemancar (TX) output unit mixer ini jauh lebih besar dibandingkan dengan mixer dual conversion umumnya. Penambahan unit RF PA pada sisi pancar dapat menghasilkan 25watt secara total.

Pada kesempatan terpisah akan kami bagikan video sessi test prototype unit ini menggunakan Personal Computer (PC) dan perangkat lunak HDSDR. Kami berencana menggunakan unit ini pada 2 jenis produk yaitu unit yang bekerja bersama PC maupun unit pemancar SDR mandiri (standalone SDR).

Hambuilder Team

HBR602-10m/11m RX Test

By using the same board with HBR602-40 we build SSB CB by re-arrange the Band Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter component value. I knew so many OM claimed the NE602/SA602 chips series where noisy. I thought that’s not 100% true, please find out the video test below. The chips were not as bad as they said. You may disagree, but for me, the noise of an RF signal means this radio is a “radio”. I always image the waves bring the noise came across the atmosphere or maybe all the electron inside the electronic circuit board worked very hard to produce enough gain (lol). My suggestion if you want a crystal clear sound then you need to build a hi-fi stereo set, not a radio. But yes next on our product road map Audio DSP by using FIR filter, digital AGC and etc to increase the “listening experience”.

I hope this product will reborn the CB era, at least in Indonesia.

Dian Kurniawan