HBR602-10m/11m RX Test

By using the same board with HBR602-40 we build SSB CB by re-arrange the Band Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter component value. I knew so many OM claimed the NE602/SA602 chips series where noisy. I thought that’s not 100% true, please find out the video test below. The chips were not as bad as they said. You may disagree, but for me, the noise of an RF signal means this radio is a “radio”. I always image the waves bring the noise came across the atmosphere or maybe all the electron inside the electronic circuit board worked very hard to produce enough gain (lol). My suggestion if you want a crystal clear sound then you need to build a hi-fi stereo set, not a radio. But yes next on our product road map Audio DSP by using FIR filter, digital AGC and etc to increase the “listening experience”.

I hope this product will reborn the CB era, at least in Indonesia.

Dian Kurniawan

HBR602 Prototype

HBR602 Transceiver Module is another low cost mono-bander project from Hambuilder. This Transceiver is factory pre-programmable and adaptable into any HF ham bands. The module is capable of 25 watts output power. (For even bigger power please wait for our low cost 100 watts booster with built-in antenna tuner).

Some homebrewer said NE/SA602 a toy, yes they were right. NE602 is a great toy.

You can see the HBR602 prototype board below.
*. Synthesizer Si5351
*. Controller ATMega16
*. 8 digit seven segment display
*. SSB Mode
*. SA/NE602 as main mixer and demodulator
*. 2xIRF530 with 25Watt output
*. TDA7052 audio amplifier
*. mono band, you can set the filter and the VFO/BFO for any HF Band

It ready to buy now please visit link below :
https://hambuilder.com/product/module-hbr602-40m/ for only U$73

Hambuilder Team