RTC07S (super low cost) Si5351 Transceiver Controller

This low cost version transceiver controller designed for minimalist or simple mono-bander transceiver. We just have to connect the jumper pin to do calibration setting, if setting and BFO setting (if we used the BFO out) then, connect one or two frequency out to the exciter

*. 8 Digit 7 segment
*. ATMega16 controller
*. Si5351 synthesizer (LO & BFO)
*. VFO frequency out (0.1 – 99 Mhz) seven segment digit limitation, not the chips
*. Adjustable IF/BFO frequency setting
*. USB-LSB-AM mode control pin out.
*. 2 push button (mode and setting)
*. 1 ADC input 0-2.56V for s-meter
*. 1 DI/O for RX/TX
*. 3 DI/O for mode (USB/LSB/AM) out control
*. 7 LED Smeter indicator

*. you can buy this item on our web
*. https://hambuilder.com U$17
*. https://tokopedia/jalapindai Rp. 185.000





Hambuilder Team


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