HBRM3 Hambuilder iambic keyer

This iambic keyer have a lot improvement since the first one (V1.0). Gold painting on aluminum enclosure make this keyer look more attractive and robust. Stacked transparent acrylic structure cut by Co2 laser and CNC as mechanical part.

Inside the aluminum enclosure ATTiny13 microcontroller works as main controller for dit dah switch and reading ADC voltage from potensiometer (voltage divider) to measure the speed.





*. ATTiny13 microcontroller
*. adjustable speed
*. transparent acrylic paddle
*. gold painting aluminum enclosure
*. 9V battery operated
*. aluminum enclosure dimension 100mm x 85mm x 25mm
*. total dimmension with paddle and knob 145mm, 85mm x 50mm
*. 250gr weight
*. LED indicator


Hambuilder Team