Sayonara eBay!

After 2 years we tried to provide resources for HAM tools/component, which based on our experience will help and make HAM experiment more interesting and more easier we decide to say good bye to eBay. By 1st January 2018 we closed our store on eBay. We will continue to do experiment and do creative thing to make our hobby getting nice and better. We will launch and operate our web page at that currently not fully operated yet (so sorry if you have visited this site but did not get the proper response). We hope by running this web by the end of this month, we could give better service and support.

Our road map for this year is:
*.  increase the performace for our existing exciter (HBR10HF, HBR4HF and HBR1HF)
we will develop new PCB or additional daughter board consist of
*. accurate AGC (AD603? or similar)
*. accurate S-meter (AD8307)
*. accurate SWR reading (AD8307)

*. adding optional roofing filter
*. adding simple digital audio filter
*. get more RF amplifier power output (we reach 50 watt now)

*. Continue instrument development (Antenna Analyzer that always missed LCD stock we got new vendor now)
*. Antenna Tuner (semi automatic)
*. RF amplifier protector
*. Standalone SDR transceiver

There’s a lot homework we must do

Hambuilder Team


One thought on “Sayonara eBay!

  1. I am so pleased to see that you are developing such great products for ham radio and wish you the greatest success. I Hope to see a new product realized soon, I will try to be your first customer. Please keep me posted of when anything is available. KH2BR

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