Tweaking BritX and RTC03/RTC01C

  • additional loudspeaker
  • IF setting + BFO setting
  • RF gain setting
  • AGC revision/tune
  • Mic amplifier revision/tune
  • RF power amplifier MOSFET gate voltage adjustment
  • CW adapter

2 thoughts on “Tweaking BritX and RTC03/RTC01C

  1. Hello,
    I have HBR4F but the VFO setting at Caliberation is off. Radio doesn’t tune any station any more. Please help me how to correctly re-set so it functions properly.
    Thank you,

    • Hello,
      In every unit we put sticker with tunning/setting value, as long as no modification you can set the value back. You can go to the web site to get the user manual of your unit.

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