HBR10HF and HBR4HF front panel face lift

HBR10HF facelift :

*. Additional phone jack
*. Additional key jack
*. Additional pc audio in and pc audio out
*. 5cm Aluminum rotary knob for freq dial

HBR4HF facelift :

*. 2.0 inch TFT display replacing 16×2 char LCD
*, Additional phone jack
*. Additional key jack (back side)
*. 5cm Aluminum rotary knob for freq dial

Hambuilder team

Hambuilder SSDR100 prototype

This is the next Hambuilder transceiver (SSDR-100)
*. 3.2 inch TFT display
*. STM32F407 as display control and waterfall processing
*. ATMega8 (21st order FIR LPF processing)
*. Weaver SSB modulation and demodulation method using 2 x ADC MCP8201 and 2x DAC TDA1543
*. Embed CW decoder/Encoder using ATMega8
*. Bluetooth Access for setting, remote access and firmware upgrading
*. Android remote access Apps
*. 18 button access for band and control
*. 1 rotary main dial
*. 3 rotary for RIT/XIT, Bandwith Control and WPM
*. PC audio interface for digital mode
*. 80-100 Watt power out

Hambuilder Team


Hambuilder Antenna Tuner prototype

This prototype inspired by MFJ-928 or KAT100 or ATU from OM K2ZAR Automatic Antenna Tuner from internet. On diagram below show the basic concept but I considered not to use Z sensor and frequency counter to make it simple for now and may be will adopt later.




HBRATU control board


HBRATU main board





Hambuilder Team