HBR4HF – Hambuilder 4 Band HF Transceiver

HBR4HF specification

  • Heterodyne 10MHz Xtal filter exciter based on Hambuilder BritX exciter
  • 300-25000Hz audio band pass active filter using NE5532
  • 4 Band coverage (80m, 40m, 30m, 20m) with 3 selector LPF BPF
  • 20-35 watt RF power output,
  • 2x IRF 530 Final RF amplifier
  • SSB modulation
  • 16×2 char LCD
  • Si5351 VFO and BFO synthezyzer based on RTC01C controller







5 thoughts on “HBR4HF – Hambuilder 4 Band HF Transceiver

  1. Possible for 80m, 60m, 20m and 17m?

  2. Dimana saya dapat membeli HBR4HF,mohon infonya

  3. berapa om ? di bukalapak, toped kok nggak ada ya

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