RTC01C Low Cost Si5351 VFO/BFO Radio Transceiver Controller



RTC01C adalah pengembangan terhadap RTC01B, dengan biaya yang lebih murah dari RTC03, tetap bisa dihadirkan  RTC yang memiliki fitur cukup lengkap (minimalis) untuk sebuah transceiver. Adapun spesifikasinya adalah sebagi berikut:

*. Microntroller ATMega128
*. 16×2 Character LCD
*. 6 Push Button
*. 1 Rotary Dial

*. VFO dan BFO out
*. VFO A dan VFO B independent Band
*. Pin Band control (160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m,10m)
*. Band 26m will follow 30m and programmable freq range
*. Band 11m (CB) will follow 10n and programmable freq range
*. Programmable band range
*. Runtime IF setting (no need to restart)
*. Runtime BFO Offset (no need to restart)
*. Runtime Band Range setting (no need to restart)


SI5351 Calibration


Run Time IF setting


Tampak Belakang


Pin Out dan koneksi

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3 thoughts on “RTC01C Low Cost Si5351 VFO/BFO Radio Transceiver Controller

  1. Hello,i want tu buy and payment from you the RTC03 HF TRX with IC5351 Controller on End of month November 2017! Please you sent me price from TRX and for shipping tu my email: helmuthstockinger8@gmail.com ! I am listener radio-amateur with call from Germany : DO7HFX . Please you give me in the next time a answer for okay with Deal ! Thank you.vy Helmuth do7hfx.

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